Healing Retreat Bali: Tuesday 28th of May - Friday 31th of May


We are going to Bali, baby! 🌴
Step into your infinite potential & make your impossible, possible.
Welcome to your idyllic haven for energy healing and self-discovery. A home away from home, where tranquility meets transformation. Immerse yourself in a world of bespoke wellness programs designed for transformative experiences.
Think about: 
A beautiful immersion of Morning Meditations & Yin Yoga, Quantum Hypnosis, Energy Healing, Holotropic Breathwork, Inner Child Healing and healthy ayurvedic lifestyle coaching to make this the most transformative healing retreat you ever done, in the most idyllic setting.
Are you ready to turn your Bali retreat dream into a reality?

Each Room is available for 2 persons. So you can book per room, and you can come alone, or bring a friend or family member. That's totally up to you. :) 

We will also do outside activities at the end of the retreat. For example we will be visiting Ubud, go to the Bali swing and take some surf lessons. I'm always open for ideas if you want to go on another activity.

My mother language is dutch, but it's possible that a lot of sessions will be given in English by me. Also if there are English speaking people, the retreat will be hosted in English. If everybody speaks dutch, the retreat will be hosted in dutch. 

Some juicy deets about this retreat:

• Daily Meditation & Yin Yoga

• Daily energy healing sessions, chakra balancing, quantum hypnosis, holotropic breathwork, inner child healing & future life progression to know your highest timeline (ooeh exciting.)

• Daily Soulcoaching, how to listen to your intuition, your heart... how to level up business wise, career wise and even your love life. 

• Ready to feel satiated and have your clothes magically fit better? There will be healthy food and snacks!

• Additional Massages given in your room, by balinese massage therapists. They are amazing. 

• Have acces to the most idyllic and aesthetic villa in Canggu, Bali 

• Have a 1:1 healing session by choice 

• Day trip to Ubud to go on the popular Bali Swing and make amazing memorable pictures

• Go to the ocean and catch some waves


And so much more!


What's included?

  • Overnight stay in the idyllic villa
  • Airport Transfer if needed
  • Healthy Food & Snacks
  • Everything that is on the program

Where? Canggu

When? 28th May 2024 - 31th of May 2024

Got more questions? Send me a message on instagram.

Much love!